Is “The Personal Touch” Gone?

I make no bones about it; being a recruiter in today’s world is getting harder by the day. Indeed and Linkedin are getting more popular, employers might think, why would I need a recruiter? I can slap up a job posting and watch the candidate’s resumes fly in. I’m not here to direct my words towards employers today, I’m speaking to job seekers.

But first I need to tell you a funny story. I received a request from a large wholesaler seeking to fill an open position for a Tire Distribution Center Manager, an important position requiring a strong skill set and years of experience.

After two weeks, I had not presented to the employer with any candidates. The hiring manager called me to complain and said, “I have received over 100 resumes from a posting I placed on Indeed. I said, “how many have met your requirements”?

His response was, “none!” I suggested placing two postings if he was simply counting resumes.

I eventually filled the position two months later.

Here’s another one, an employer called me desperately seeking a Territory Sales Manager. I mean, they needed a person badly. I sent them a talented candidate, and they quickly made the hire. Here’s the catch, the person had already applied for the position on Indeed a month earlier and never received a response.

So, my point to job seekers is; you might find a recruiter helpful to get the attention of the employer.  Many times we have ways to cut through the process and present your qualifications directly to a hiring manager or, at a minimum, a person who can get you through the process quickly.  

Are you spending your day completing applications online? I often think it’s like sending a letter to Santa Claus, you know you sent it, but did he get it? And you can’t wait till Christmas to find out. You need to know now, as you need gainful employment soon.

Another thought that you might want to ponder. Recruiters are usually brutally honest, and they are here to determine your skills and to see if they can place you. It’s a great place to practice your pitch without jeopardizing your chances of getting a position. Plus, they will review your resume and provide tips and occasional insults. Recruiters can give you ideas that you can use during your career search either directly to an employer or through them. Want to give your pitch a try, give me a call. 301-662-7223

Here’s another interesting tidbit that might interest you. Good recruiters try to understand their employer client’s culture, and they can help you adjust your pitch to match their expectations. Hiring managers are just like us, all different. The recruiter can explain the best approach that can help you make a good impression, both written and orally.  

So, the personal touch isn’t dead, but it’s on life support. As the hiring process becomes more automated, you’ll need more methods to get to the front of the pack. My message to you is, don’t be afraid to contact a recruiter, any recruiter. You might learn a few methods of communication you haven’t thought of or even a direct path to the hiring manager. Give it a try, but only if you have thick skin!