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Job hunting, communicating and avoiding the “Black Hole”

What is the “Black Hole” and how do you avoid being there?
When the communication between the employer and the jobseeker have broken down. This usually leads to the jobseeker becoming dismayed and disgruntled.

After 14 years of operating The TireJobs Company I have learned a few things about the hiring process and the huge differences between employer’s practices and the jobseeker’s actions. The parties that communicate effectively definitely have the best results. This goes both ways.
You would think that both the employer and the jobseeker would have the same agenda. It’s just seems so simple. The employer has a need for talent and the jobseeker (right or wrongly) feels they are the person that can fill that need.
An employer receives information from the jobseeker and then decides to give them a call. The call goes great and both sides’ part ways to consider the possibilities.

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