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There’s Never Been a Better Time to be Unhappy with your Tire Job

Why, you might ask? We are presently experiencing an employee’s market and companies are working hard to acquire and retain talent.
My comments are referring to persons involved with management, distribution, sales and the installation of tires of all sizes and types. I do not have the expertise to comment on the manufacturing or engineering side of the industry. Maybe someone will make an educated comment referencing that segment of the tire industry.

So, there are more jobs than job seekers as of today, but not forever. I’ve seen some nasty employer’s markets where they were forced to reduce staff or make overall payroll cuts. Most of the time they had no choice, it’s market driven. The good news is, many tire companies and dealers have experienced healthy sales volumes and profits for all of 2018 and I expect that to continue for at least another year.
It just might be the perfect time to look around to see what’s out there. Are you undervalued? Asked to work with less than desirable facilities, inventory and equipment? Limited by your current company’s size and scope? Or maybe you just don’t see an opportunity to grow your career with your current employer.
Sadly, there are still pockets of depressed opportunities, especially in small towns. Should you stay or should you go?

Short story about me: I grew up in Pittsburgh and first started pressing industrial tires and then moved on to sales in both the steel and mining industries. Probably the best job I ever had! But in the late 1970’s the steel industry crashed after being crushed with steel imports from Japan. Seeing my income slowly erode I moved my family to the Washington, DC market. It wasn’t my employer’s fault, I enjoyed working there. But the trends in the steel industry were insurmountable. The point is, sometimes you must go to where the economy is working so that you can earn a better living. It hurts, but it’s better than being broke or at a minimum under-earning.

If you are a true tire professional, there hasn’t been a better time to evaluate your options before this window closes. Ask yourself, is this the best that I can do with my career? You just might be surprised, it is very possible you are at the right place at the right time. Or the opposite, only one way to find out, sniff around.
Final thought: The average age of the workforce in the tire industry is growing higher and higher. Thus, there will be opportunities abound for personal career growth for those eager enough to take advantage of the situation. Go for it!