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No Reply?

Hello Everyone,
Many of you have heard me harp about the “slow” or “no” responses from employers within the tire business. I have been very curious as to if it is unique within our industry or more of an overall trend. I came upon this article by Karla L. Miller in the Washington Post Magazine last week. Karla responds to reader’s questions about workplace issues. I think you will find it to be very interesting and informative. It appears we are not in this alone. I would like to mention that I do have many employer clients that do a terrific job with communications.

@Work Advice: What’s worse than rejection? No reply at all.

By Karla L. Miller, Published: January 24

Reader 1: I feel like my job applications — both online jobs portal and direct e-mail submissions — are falling into a black hole. Only one organization let me know my application had been reviewed. Is this the way it works? How should I follow up?

Reader 2: I have interviewed for senior-level communications jobs — making multiple visits, giving formal presentations, and taking writing and personality tests. Many of these organizations turn down top candidates with a short, form-letter e-mail from a low-level HR person. Or, worse, they don’t communicate their decision at all. This inattention to basic courtesy is appalling and damages the organization’s image. What gives?

Read on…’s informative and will give you some guidelines.
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