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Is “The Personal Touch” Gone?

I make no bones about it; being a recruiter in today’s world is getting harder by the day. Indeed and Linkedin are getting more popular, employers might think, why would I need a recruiter? I can slap up a job posting and watch the candidate’s resumes fly in. I’m not here to direct my words towards employers today, I’m speaking to job seekers.

But first I need to tell you a funny story. I received a request from a large wholesaler seeking to fill an open position for a Tire Distribution Center Manager, an important position requiring a strong skill set and years of experience.

After two weeks, I had not presented to the employer with any candidates. The hiring manager called me to complain and said, “I have received over 100 resumes from a posting I placed on Indeed. I said, “how many have met your requirements”?

His response was, “none!” I suggested placing two postings if he was simply counting resumes.

I eventually filled the position two months later.

Here’s another one, an employer called me desperately seeking a Territory Sales Manager. I mean, they needed a person badly. I sent them a talented candidate, and they quickly made the hire. Here’s the catch, the person had already applied for the position on Indeed a month earlier and never received a response.

So, my point to job seekers is; you might find a recruiter helpful to get the attention of the employer.  Many times we have ways to cut through the process and present your qualifications directly to a hiring manager or, at a minimum, a person who can get you through the process quickly.  

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