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Retail Tire and General Service Technicians. What’s next, commercial tires? Should I make it a career?

Have you decided to make a career out of the tire or mechanical industry? I understand that servicing today’s passenger and light truck tires takes a significant degree of skills and experience. But, it’s unlikely that you will be in that job for the rest of your working life. I can’t think of a better stepping stone to a mechanic or commercial tire career. I will take you through what I believe is the best strategy if you want to pursue a career in tires. I’ll leave the mechanical angle for another conversation, although I think it’s a very viable option.

You have already mastered the nuances of tires and applications. You understand air pressure and its effect on the vehicle you are servicing. You know the importance of doing the job correctly. You know that mistakes can lead to unwelcome consequences, including injury or death to you during installation or to the vehicle’s occupants once it hits the highway. You know this, and it’s valuable when seeking to advance your career.

Some tire techs have the luxury of working for a tire dealer that services all types of vehicles and machines in the shop or at the customer’s place of business. But, many start and end their tire career in a retail shop that only services passenger and light truck vehicles. Again, nothing wrong with that, but are you limiting your chance to gain knowledge of the broader tire industry? There’s a lot to learn out there, but you’ll need to step out and accept the challenge. I know tire techs that have been doing tires for over 40 years who will tell you that there is something to learn every day. There are no limits to gaining knowledge and earning more income while servicing OTR, truck, industrial, aircraft, or farm tires.

There has never been a better time to advance your tire service career. Many commercial tire dealers are seeking to add techs to their team. Due to the booming commercial tire business and the lack of trained commercial tire techs, many dealers welcome the idea of hiring from the retail field and providing training to become commercial or OTR tire techs. Is it your turn?

If you play your cards right, you can be earning six figures in just a couple of years.

What’s required?

  • A dealer to train you
  • Maintain a clean lifestyle, no illegal drugs
  • Maintaining a good driving record – and eventually obtaining a CDL license
  • Being safety conscious at all times
  • A willingness to learn
  • Being a hard worker
  • Understanding the importance of a job done right
  • And lastly, applying for a position at a tire dealer that services commercial tires

So, don’t get trapped; go to work for a dealer that will teach you the tire business from the smallest tire to the largest. Take steps to learn the entire tire industry. There are tremendous opportunities for you and your family. Your brothers and sisters in the commercial tire industry will welcome and protect you.

Want to know more? Always feel free to give me a call; we’ll discuss your career ambitions and do everything possible to get you an opportunity. Or, drop me an email, I’ll call you.

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